PoleGrip "HOW2"



Our Grip range has just won the award for 
"Specialist Fitness Training Products of the Year" 
here in the UK

What sets our award winning grips apart from the rest?
Traditionally 99% of grips in the fitness industry use magnesium carbonate (chalk) as the base ingredient, along with “other” hidden ingredients which come with their own risks and issues for users and gym owners. One is the dust that they create, the particles you inhale and of course the mess it leaves on the gym floor and its equipment. All this aside you need a product to give you the grip when you need it the most, whilst keeping the sweat from your hands. 
Our company never stands still. We are always striving for new formulas, putting them out to test, to ensure our customers receive the most innovative grip products whist maintaining our values by only using environmentally friendly products and packaging we can source. 
Other key factors from our award-winning product range are:-
• Made to our own unique formula made in the UK
• Vegan Friendly
• Non-hypoallergenic formula
• Repels sweat from your hands
• Great for sensitive skin and the environment
• Contains NO nasty chemicals or fragrances
• Odourless and colourless
• Contains NO magnesium carbonate (chalk)
• Leaves no powdery mess, you won't even realise you have it on
• Kills pathogens with its high alcohol content
• Made in the UK to current ISO9001 standards and UK & EU cosmetic regulations
• IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation) Approves other use of PoleGrip for competition use
• Designed by polers for polers
• NO residue on your clothes, and equipment