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NEW Alcohol free PoleClean that KILLS 99.9% of pathogens


NEW for 2022 a cleaner that is alcohol FREE for use on your equipment and hands



Our Pole Clean formula offers infection control protection through a fast acting,

powerful, alcohol free, anti-microbial formula foaming spray. Quickly removing unwanted

residue including oil, grime & dirt, while leaving a non slippery shine.


PoleClean buy 4 and get 25% discount






PoleGrip is our own unique formula made in the UK and is...

•Vegan Friendly

•Non-hypoallergenic formula

•Repels sweat from your hands

•Great for sensitive skin and the environment

•Contains NO nasty chemicals or fragrances

•Odourless and colourless

•Contains NO Magnesium carbonate

•Leaves no powdery mess, you won't even realise you have it on

•Kills pathogens with its high alcohol content

•Made in the UK to current ISO9001 standards and current UK & EU cosmetic regulations

•IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation) Approved Grip

•Designed by polers for polers

•NO residue on your clothes, and equipment

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  • PoleClean
    £9.99 (Inc. Tax)
    £8.32 (Ex. Tax)

    NEW for 2022 PoleClean - KILLS 99.9% of pathogens A cleaner that is alcohol FREE for …

  • Body Grip is suitable for people with dry to normal skin, and works to moisturise your skin whilst increasing your grip on the pole.

It is ideal for pole dancing, aerial silks, and aerial hoop. Vegan Friendly, fully tested by pole athletes.
    £58.45 (Inc. Tax)
    £48.71 (Ex. Tax)

    NOW available our own formula of BODY GRIP™ made here in the UK   Comes in an atomised&…

  • Grip and Clean pack 3 in 1, Contains 1 x 50ml bottle of  PoleGrip, 1 x 100ml bottle of BodyGrip, both vegan friendly, and 1 x 250ml of PoleClean which is alcohol free.
    £24.95 (Inc. Tax)
    £20.79 (Ex. Tax)

    Our Triple Grip'N'Clean Pack  Contains 1 x 50ml PoleGrip 1 x 100ml BodyGrip …

6 of 6 Items