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ARB 4240

Product Description

10mm Steel Oval Screwgate Karabiner


All of our carabiner or karabiners are supplied from leading manufactures who produce metal loop's with a spring-loaded gate, which are used to quickly and reversibly connect components, most notably in safety-critical systems. 

There are various types available with locking gate options for that added piece of mind.


One of the most popular no frills steel Karabiner. This oval connector allows it to be used with the full range of pulleys, as well as all the other standard uses for a Karabiner.  

Steel Karabiners are an economical choice proven for their strength, reliability and closure systems under intensive use.

They Supplied with instructions for use and a certificate of compliance. Marked with a batch number (not individually serial numbered)





Product Dimensions

Opening: 18mm
Length: 108mm
Width: 60mm



Use Industrial Products
Type Karabiner
Shape Oval
Gate Type Screwgate
Gate Opening 0-18mm
Conformity EN362 CE Standards

0-25kN / 0-2500 Kilos



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