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Why choose PoleGrip for your studio?
Great profitability, as our Twenty Five Studio Grip Pack's  


Do you want to grip with confidence, no matter what sport activity you are taking part in,
with a performance enhancing solution that alleviates grip problems caused by perspiration,
and that’s great for the environment?
If you’re wanting to…
Improve your grip with a reliable product
Increase your pole confidence, gym reps, lifting ability and climbing speed
PoleGrip is the answer.
•Vegan Friendly
•Non-hypoallergenic formula
•Repels sweat from your hands
•Great for sensitive skin and the environment
•Contains NO nasty chemicals or fragrances
•Odourless and colourless
•Contains NO Calcium carbonate
•Leaves no powdery mess, you won't even realise you have it on
•Kills pathogens with its high alcohol content
•Made in the UK to current ISO9001 standards and current UK & EU cosmetic regulations
•IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation) Approved Grip
•Designed by polers for polers
•NO residue on your clothes, and equipment
Designed directly for the Pole Fitness industry after 2+ years of testing.
PoleGrip has become on of the “Go To” grips used in the Pole industry after Dry Hands become very hard to find.
Our liquid grip has a Silicon-based formula and is far superior to conventional magnesium carbonate-based liquid chalk or powders currently available.
PoleGrip offers you a non-sticky solution specially developed to improve sports performance and enhance grip for any sport.
Our little bottle of grip packs a big punch with over 100 applications per 50ml bottle, based on a pea size amount used each application, making it long lasting and economical.
How to Apply: -
•Ensure you wash and dry your hands
•Shake bottle before application
•Apply a pea size amount to the palm of your hand
•Rub across the surface of both palms and fingers
•Allow to air dry for around 15-20 seconds
•You GOOD to GO
•To remove just use soap and warm water
For External use ONLY



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