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Product Overview

Pole Clean 
Kills 99.9% of pathogens
A cleaner that is alcohol free for use on your equipment and hands
Our Pole Clean formula offers infection control protection through a fast acting, powerful, alcohol free, anti-microbial formula foaming spray. Quickly removing unwanted residue including oil, grime and dirt, whilst leaving a non slippery surface. 
Feedback from customers also say that it has 'made the pole grippier!'
Provides protection against bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts/fungus and enveloped viruses such as 
Hepatitis B and HIV
Best used with a clean microfibre cloth. Pump directly  onto a cloth (only need 1 or 2 pumps) and wipe
along the length of the pole or equipment give a couple of wipes and done!
It can also be pumped directly on to your hands. Just continue rubbing your hands together until dry.


For External use ONLY



(No reviews yet) Write a Review